Intertape Polymer to downsize N.S. plant, close Kentucky plant, shift production

MONTREAL – Intertape Polymer Group Inc. (TSX:ITP) will shift some work currently done at its plant in Truro, N.S., to a factory in Utah as part of a North American reorganization brought on by competitive pressures and volatile costs.

No layoffs are expected at the Nova Scotia plant because it will continue to make some products for the Montreal-based company, which manufactures plastic wrapping, tapes and other products for packaging.

“At Truro, they’re basically not expecting to have any layoffs,” a company spokesman said Tuesday.

“They’re expecting to absorb most, if not all, of the employees by shifting them over to woven products.”

About 27 employees who make shrink wrap products at the Truro plant, about 10 per cent of the Nova Scotia plant’s workforce, will be transferred to its woven products line, the spokesman said.

At Intertape’s Kentucky plant, about 50 people will lose their jobs, he said.

Production at the Richmond, Ky., will be transferred to Carbondale, Ill.

“Considering competitive pressures, market conditions and the volatility of input costs, we are continuously reviewing and analyzing all aspects of our operations,” president and CEO Greg Yull said in a statement.

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