Facebook draws user ire with quiet switcheroo in email contact listing

MENLO PARK, Calif. – Facebook has has a new way to display contact information, causing some users to think their email addresses have been changed by the social media giant.

In yet another change to its website that irked users, Facebook replaced the email address you picked to display on your profile page when you signed up for the online social network and changed it to an (at)facebook杭州龙凤 address.

Previously, users may have had a yahoo杭州龙凤 or gmail杭州龙凤 address displayed, so that if other users wanted to contact them outside of Facebook, they could. Sending an email to a Facebook杭州龙凤 address will land the email in the messages section of your Facebook profile. It means keeping Facebook’s already-captive audience even more captive.

The email change was first pointed out by bloggers over the weekend and publicized by media outlets Monday, leading to gripes from users, usually on their Facebook pages.

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